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PORTFOLIO: Print Design

Thoughts on Print Collateral Design

Print represents the tangible collateral produced to enable the distribution of materials that communicate to your customers the value of the services and products you have to offer. This covers everything from stationery to brochures, to ads, restaurant menus and book covers, to videos and posters—anything that can have cyan, magenta, yellow and black (and more) dots of ink accurately placed through the fine art of offset lithography. But the best thing about print is its ability to suspend time and slow people down a little and engage your brand on a more emotional level than just a simple website. Whitestone Design Werks will take advantage of all the tricks of the trade to deliver your message in a satisfying and tangible experience.
Valley River Inn

Valley River Inn approached Whitestone Design Werks to create a rebranding campaign that would lend a new voice to a familiar Eugene institution that had faded a bit into the background with the entrance of several competing properties in the area over the last few years. A major centerpiece of that campaign was to create a Sales Kit Brochure to be used by the VRI sales team. The piece successfully introduces a whole new visual vocabulary that capitalizes on the heritage of the property while also infusing a clean, authentic Oregon image that will appeal to those looking for a great facility to host their next conference or event.
Red Lion Hotels

Fresh from its rebranding launch, Red Lion Hotels wanted to create a brochure that would communicate the strength of its refreshed brand and the advantageous Red Lion Hotels would bring to potential franchisees. This brochure was created to highlight the existing properties and establish Red Lion as a top tier brand that was on the move.
Lincoln Plaza

G&B Real Estate needed to create a sales brochure to distribute to potential office space and retail lessees. Since the remodeling construction had not begun, the challenge was to portray a dynamic property using a combination of photography and architectural renderings. The piece itself seeks to capture the vibrant renaissance that has been occurring in Downtown Spokane over the past ten years and that Lincoln Plaza is at the vital core of that development positioned to take a leadership role in keeping that renaissance alive as it has filled up the available space with quality tenants..
The Safest Place on Earth

After many different explorations of various solutions, the author had a certain image in mind for the cover of his book and the publisher had another. A compromise of sorts was worked out in that we ended up blending a pleasant abstract, with a warm, feel-good palette, which conveyed a sense of comfort and security, while still giving the subject matter the gravity that it deserved. The premise of the book, written by a Christian psychologist, was that Christians should not be so quick to run to "professional" help but rather seek the safety of "The Safest Place On Earth," that is, the local church body.
JVP - Presidential Luncheon Invites

Whitestone Design Werks had the honor of designing the program and collateral for a special luncheon hosted by Campus Crusade for Christ and JESUS Video Project in the White House and attended by President George W. Bush with Chuck Colson as the keynote speaker. A relatively simple two-color solution incorporating a striking contrast of black and silver metallic ink on bright red stock produced an elegantly dramatic design.
Azusa Pacific University

Designed for David Riley+Associates, this series of brochures were created to highlight and distinguish the diverse programs and degrees that Azusa Pacific had to offer their students. Each brochure was limited to a budget-minded two-color printing process but still needed to reflect a high-standard of quality that represented the school and the quality of the education each student receives as well.
Too Busy Not To Pray

This was a new design for a 10th anniversary edition reprint of a classic best-seller, Too Busy Not To Pray, by Bill Hybels. The title itself suggests the imagery of our frenetic, hyper-fast paced lives and how we get so busy doing so many important things, we forget the most important thing to help us handle the hectic pace of our lives. The trick was to balance that energy with a composed, peaceful layout that also carried the feeling of a classic. Originally designed for David Riley+Associates, we still see it on the shelves and catalogs of Christian bookstores.
Thunder Over The Prairie Poster

Whitestone Design Werks was chosen to create a commemorative poster for the 2004 Hayden Chamber of Commerce Air Show. The illustration was based on an F-14a Tomcat streaking across the skies over the Rathdrum Prairie to show that this was more than just a collection of cropdusters doing lazy figure-eights. The design incorporated a bold, straight-forward type treatment with the suggestion of the lightning bolt through the center evoking the thundering power of these marvelous flying machines.
TicketsWest Brochure

TicketsWest is the ticketing arm of WestCoast Entertainment, a division of WestCoast Hospitality Corp. in Spokane, Washington. They provide ticketing for events ranging across 15 western states and British Columbia. TicketsWest needed a brochure to send out to arena and event managers responsible for choosing the ticket distribution methods of their particular events. It needed to provide the basic information about what TicketsWest offers that is unique from any of their competitors, namely, friendly service and get them to request a meeting to get more information.
Diamondfield Jack's Menu Cover

Red Lion Hotel Canyon Springs in Twin Falls, Idaho needed their new restaurant logo applied to their menu covers. This simple, down-to-earth solution fulfilled their need keeping with an old-west feel but couched in a contemporary layout.
Jesus Video Project Video Cover

Long before Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, there was The JESUS Film. It is the most-watched film in the history of the world. Over 4 billion have seen it! It has been translated into over 700 languages and shown in over 230 countries. This particular version, produced by The JESUS Video Project, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, is meant to be distributed in the U.S. for free through mass mailings with the goal of having a video in every single household in the U.S. Not only is that a massive amount of exposure, more importantly, the greatest story ever told, is being told.
New Believer's Bible

The target audience of this Bible was a youthful, 14-20 crowd, so it had to have a somewhat dynamic feel while retaining the dignity and respect the book deserves. Our solution was a muted, earthy palette used with a vibrant, radiating wave background. While sold in normal retail bookstores, the smaller, New Testament was also given away at all of the Harvest Crusade events with Greg Laurie which have drawn huge crowds across the country, especially in southern California. Every year they fill Angel Stadium for 3-4 nights as well as several other events at various locations through the year.
Valley River Inn New Year's Eve 2008

Eugene's finest purveyor's of funk, Satin Love Orchestra, until 2008, had always had their annual New Year's bash at the Eugene Hilton. Valley River Inn struck a deal with the band to be the new host for the funkadelic celebration but was concerned that most people would assume it would be at the "usual" location and confusion might ensue. So the band partnered with the hotel to produce a campaign with a series of posters as the centerpiece aimed at trumpeting the change of venue and that the whole night had been upgraded all the way around to a new level of swanky.
Valley River Inn New Year's Eve 2009

Returning victoriously to Valley River Inn for another New Year's Eve Funkabration, Eugene's native pillars of funk, Satin Love Orchestra, along with Valley River Inn, worked together once again to make 2009's Funkabration outshine 2008. To herald this funktacular celebration, Whitestone Design Werks was asked to design and produce a new poster and series of ads for the event.