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Thoughts on Website Design

After the development of an effective identity system, the design of a engaging and effective website goes the furthest in establishing the branding of your company or organization. From relatively simple, brochure-style sites to fully customized WordPress themes to comprehensive, database-driven catalog sites with secure shopping carts and the ability to add content through a custom content management system (CMS) all while employing the latest in search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and techniques. Whitestone Design Werks will provide the solution that is perfectly tailored for your business needs.
JEB Commerce

After being tasked with creating a new identity, JEB Commerce also approached Whitestone Design Werks to apply the newly minted identity system to their web presence with a completely re-designed website and blog. Working with a Wordpress framework, WDW created a bold, new presence that put the affiliate management industry on notice that JEB Commerce was playing to win.

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DisCom Alarm

Whitestone Design Werks was asked by Discount Communications to create a website that highlighted the alarm products featured with its new security division, DisCom Alarm, and incorporating the freshly designed identity throughout the new site.

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Purposeful Africa

Purposeful Africa is a unique opportunity for travellers to spend what would normally be a self-centered vacation focused soley on personal leisure and completely reinvent it with a higher cause. Participants will embark on a journey through several West African countries from which they will return completely changed with a vision for helping in whatever ways they have been blessed with. Purposeful Africa came to Whitestone Design Werks needing a website that would not only communicate the vision and purpose of Purposeful Africa but to provide an environment where the teams and organizations involved would be able to connect via the blog and forums as well as taking advantage of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.
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Wycliffe Associates

Wycliffe Associates is the physical muscle behind Wycliffe Bible Translation teams. These are the guys that supply volunteer teams of workers all over the world to build facilities to house missionaries and educate national populations in Wycliffe’s effort to translate the Bible into every known language. WA approached Whitestone Design Werks to design and build a site that not only effectively communicated what the ministry did, but to be a tool for connecting volunteers and donors with opportunities for jobs and needs wherever WA was involved with the ability to search among thousands of entries in their database.
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Coeur d'Alene Cellars

Enjoying robust growth and an increasing national demand for their wines, Coeur d’Alene Cellars needed a redesign for their Cold Fusion driven website that reflected their refreshed identity and to be able easily add recent awards and press releases in addition to the ability to add new wines, release notes and recipes to the site. Whitestone Design Werks provided a design that not only met these criteria but took advantage of the unique artwork that was integrated into each label’s design showcasing it front and center in a rotating display of art and photography.

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Bin No. 20 Wine Bar & Restaurant

Bin No. 20 is a wine bar and restaurant in Pasco, the heart of Washington state wine country. Red Lion Hotel Pasco was seeking to create a vibrant, hip restaurant that catered to not just the wine connoisser, but people that enjoy wine and fine cuisine and just want to have fun. They needed a look that was very un-snobbish to reflect that for their website as well as to highlight their frequent events and wineclub activities in addition to their extensive selection of the finest northwest wines and fabulous menu.

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American Analytical Systems

American Analytical Systems approached Whitestone Design Werks with the need to not only create a new website, but to also create a private system where their clients could login and view custom-prepared reports.

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Dynamic Fabricators

Dynamic Fabricators had recently opened an additional facility in Houston, Texas and was looking to update its image to fit is its pace of rapid growth. Whitestone Design Werks was tasked with creating, well, a “dynamic” looking site that clearly communicated the breadth and scope of the services and operations of this Dynamic company.

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Taylor RyMar Corporation

Whitestone Design Werks was asked by Taylor RyMar to create a website that captured the personality of the professional, successful engineering firm with offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Wichita, Kansas. While many more “exciting” designs were presented, the design chosen best encapsulated the “real” engineering personality of the company; clean, tightly structured, and conservative—they were pleased immensely.

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Memorable Events

The husband and wife team of Blake and Monica Miller approached WDW to design their new website and freshen their identity for their mobile DJ company, Memorable Events. Having already established an excellent reputation in the Coeur d'Alene area, they were looking for a clean and simple, yet elegant look—they needed their web presence to stand out head and shoulders above the competition. Since the launch, they have been constantly receiving glowing praise and bookings by the new clients that have been contacting them, helping to elevate their reputation to one of the premiere providers of mobile DJ service in the region.
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Reel Reviews

Reel Reviews is home to one of the original podcasts from the beginning of the podcast era by pioneer Michael Geoghegan. Michael took advantage of his love for movies and his ability to research and mine all the esoteric tidbits and trivia of some of the greatest movies of all time into an enjoyable and entertaining format that put him on the map as a leader within the podcasting industry. The design that WDWerks provided for his WordPress template incorporated the essence of a movie reel header with all the imagery of count-downs and film scratches that captured what Michael was looking for.
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Summit Northwest Ministries

After designing the identity of this new church, Whitestone Design Werks was asked by Summit Northwest to apply the look and feel of the new design to their WordPress driven website.
Podcast Academy

The Podcast Academy is the training and education arm of GigaVox Media. They needed their new identity applied to their WordPress blog and approached Whitestone Design Werks to create just the right feel they were looking for.

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Huntwood Cabinets

Huntwood’s internally developed website was entirely in one single Flash format and suffered from poor visibility for search engines as there was no way to index the content copy for keyword searches as well as unfriendly navigation and the inability to even bookmark pages. Whitestone Design Werks was asked to create a search engine optimized site using existing elements and design supplied by their in-house creative department. WDWerks created a site that utilized Flash in an effective manner while achieving outstanding search engine rankings. Just try Googling “custom cabinets”. You don’t get to be no. 1 by just having it in your name.
Russell Heistuman Blog

Whitestone Design Werks did the design for the personal blog for Russell Heistuman because basically, Whitestone Design Werks is Russell Heistuman.

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