Whitestone Design Werks
Bottom Line
No matter what your design needs, we have the ability to make you look good in any situation — from your customer's first impression to the continuing ability to consistently communicate and deliver quality products and services to your customers.

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How We Do It

The first step is actually an ongoing process throughout the life of the project. That is, listening. We listen to our clients. Not only do we listen, but we seek to draw out input that our clients might not have even realized was important in defining their organization's personality and essence.

Phase One: Interrogation

This is where we begin the process of defining the essence. Under intense, bright, metal halide lighting and just the right dose of sodium pentothal, we are typically able to extract as much information as is necessary to determine the needs of our clients without having to resort to the unpleasant "good cop/bad cop" treatment. It's actually less painful than it might sound — we typically like to mask the bitter aftertaste with a venti latté or even stronger caffeinated espresso or herbal beverage if desired.

Once information extraction has occurred, we proceed to our underground laboratories where we ruthlessly analyze the data and proceed to exhaustively research and probe the competitive marketplace environment that our client wishes to engage their product or service in.

Phase Two: Conception

This is the fun part (not that interrogation can't be fun) where we actually begin the application of the creative process. Based on the insights and conclusions reached in the first phase, we take the client through an exploratory process of design development. Typically done in three presentations with an initial preliminary design direction, then a refinement based on client feedback and finally, once the client is satisfied, a finished composition ready for implementing into it's final form.

Phase Three: Implementation

Depending on the media (print, web, environmental) that the scope of the project entails, we will manage the entire production process to final delivery.

For print, we work with the best printers in the area and can take the project from design to final finished product without any worry on the clients part. For larger print projects that demand quality but need a quantitative price break and distribution muscle, we have relationships with some of the best print houses in the southern California and Seattle areas. If you have a printer that you already have a good working relationship with and they have the capabilities necessary to produce the piece, we will also work with them and manage the project to final delivery.

For web, not only can we update and manage existing sites working with existing servers and host providers, but if you need us to take care of the whole process of domain registration, site hosting, email set-up and ongoing maintenance, in addition to the overall site design, we can take care of you. We offer competitive hosting rates whether you need basic hosting services with low traffic bandwidth to dedicated ultra-high bandwidth secure servers.

For environmental, we work with several area signage fabricators and can take the project from design through the whole bidding process to final fabrication and installation. In addition, we can also handle your outdoor advertising output and placement.