Whitestone Design Werks
What's With the "E" in Werks?
It's a German thing. Its surprising how many people seem to be bewildered why we would deliberately mispell our name. But, that very act of bewilderment is a positive thing, in that our customer, or potential customer, just had to perform a simple mind game, a curve if you will, that caused them to stop and think through why "Werks" was spelled with an "e" — greatly enhancing the memorability of the name.

About Our Name

Whitestone actually has a biblical reference in the book of Revelation where the apostle John records Jesus' word to the church at Pergamus, "to him who overcomes...I will give him a white stone and upon the stone a new name written, which no one knows but he that receives it." In ancient times, many courts would use either white or black stones to hand down their verdict. A white stone would symbolize innocence and integrity; investigated and found blameless and good. A black stone would...well, you get the point.

Your Customers — Judge and Jury

Your customers do the same thing when they come into contact with your product or your services. Your brand is built, one perception at a time and your customers are the judge and jury of your message. They are in a constant state of gathering evidence regarding the ability of your busines to deliver value that they are expecting and demand. The first thing that makes that impression is your identity system. Are you communicating your professionalism and attention to detail? Are you communicating your ability to recognize and value quality? If you are looking for customers who value quality and integrity — and these are the very customers that are the most discerning and savvy regarding your products and services — then you need to address their expectations of what a quality company looks like by applying to all of your visual identification, that same high-standard you provide to your customers.

Consistent application of your identity over all the vehicles of media that communicate your image is vital. From your business card to your signage, to your printed collateral and to your website; all require a consistent communication that reinforces your company's ability to meet and exceed your customers' needs.

Every time your customer interacts with your product or services they are engaged in the process of building your brand — your "real" name. Each time your brand is being judged on many different levels. Your message is your promise. Are you guilty of not delivering on your promise? Or, are you innocent and blameless in the eyes of your customers? Will they give you a white stone or black?